Photographer Aukram Burton is the Recipient of the 2005 Brown Forman Purchase Award in the Eleventh Annual African American Juried Art Exhibition at Actors Theatre Louisville.

The award winning images were taken during the 7th World Congress of Òrìsà Tradition (ÒrìsàWorld 2001) in Ilé-Ifè, Nigeria, August, 2001. This bi-annual
Congress provides a framework within which the continued significance of Òrìsà tradition and culture is examined. Òrìsà traditions have existed
over thousands of years as the traditional religion of the Yorùbá people in West Africa, who live in villages, towns and cities in Nigeria,
Benin Republic, Togo, and Sierra Leone. Yorùbá religious traditions in the Americas came about as a consequence of the Atlantic slave trade
in Brazil, Cuba, Haïti, and Trinidad. Òrìsà practitioners come from many countries of the world including: Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Cameroon,
Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guyana, Mexico, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, The United Kingdom, The United States,
Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. To date eight OrisaWorld Congresses have been held in Nigeria: 1981, 1986 and 2001;
Brazil: 1983 and 1990; USA: 1997; and Trinidad and Tobago: 1999. The 9th World Congress of Òrìsà Tradition (ÒrìsàWorld 2005)
will be held in Brazil, August 1-6, 2005.

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Friday, February 4, 2005 Awards Reception Below

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Ile-Ife Dancers Woman of Orisa Sango Dancers #1
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Aukram Receives Brown Forman Purchase Award from
Juror Garry R. Bibbs, Associate Professor of Sculpture at
the University of Kentucky
Participating Artist in the 11th Annual
African American Juried Art Exhibition
Aukram in front of award winning photography
Ile-Ife Dancers

The Gallery at Actors Theatre of Louisville showcases
regional and local artists during monthly exhibits

displayed in the theatre's galleries located in lobbies
throughout the building. Annually, Actors host the
African American Art Exhibition in February. This
year's exhibition 2005 exhibiton includes 46 works by
18 artist local and regional artists.

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Aukram Burton is an educator, media artist, and media
producer. He has studied at the New England School of
Photography. He received his B.A in Art, and a M.Ed.
in Instructional Design from the University of
Massachusetts, Boston, and Doctoral studies in the
Center for International Education at the University of
Massachussetts, Amherst. He was awarded a research
fellowship from the Community Fellows Program in the
Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied
in the Center for Advanced Visual Studies. He is the
1991 American Federation of Television and Radio
Artists Crystal recipient. In 1998 he received a Regional
Artists Project Grant from the Arts and Science Council
in Charlotte, North Carolina. He currently works as a

Diversity/Multicultural Specialist for the Jefferson
County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, where
he serves on the Board of the Louisville International
Cultural Center (LICC) and is the co-chair of the Global
Education Network, Kentuckiana (GEN) and the
Louisville Africa Forum.